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Aureole - Aurora Borealis LP


Aurora Borealis is an 8 track full length album addressing the cognitive realities of Earthern nature realized by M.S. in Reykjavík, Iceland. Written in December during the recordings of the 'Tchornobog' album.

The album as a whole visualizes the Aurora Borealis as a gateway from Earth to space by use of solar winds. Through this, the early functions of Citadel Alunar were gathered through the cold embrace. The preparations made by human craftsmen ensured that The Citadel was created properly to succumb to cold, dead, and empty space.

Among one of the skulls of these craftsmen nestled a rebellion of Earthern life, one of a psychological disorder -- wherein his desire to die outside of Earth proved to be a most painful physical experience...
released November 28, 2016

M.S. - All instruments, vocals, and engineering.

Adam Burke (Nightjar Illustration) - Front painting cover of mountain Engey based on a photo taken by M.S.

Listen here: https://markovsoroka.bandcamp.com/album/aurora-borealis